Integrated Messaging service

Well Structured Framework

IMS (Integrated Messaging Service) facilitates a well structured framework to establish connectivity, manage message traffic, store information and offers as well as host transaction processing modules. Messages and documents that enter/leave the enterprise are stored in well structured schemas for governance/compliance.

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IMS Services

Instant connection with external entities and integration with internal application.
Forward copies of messages to interested parties in any desired format/protocol.
Very high throughput, process in excess of a million transactions per hour on std servers.
Data Quality Assurance, Compliance and Duplicate Checks, Network Validations.

Store all data received/sent via each connection categorized by type, owner, purpose etc
Framework for valuation, storage, retrieval and subscription of enterprise data/information.
Manage reference data, compliance data & check duplicates for qualifying/enriching messages.
Link messages, documents and activities by underlying transactions and events for audit

Efficient Modules for Payments, Transfers, FX, Bill Payments etc via Swift, Central Banks, ACH MX 20022 Ready,
instantly switch to new Central Bank Standards, SEPA etc.
Reconciliation with Confirms and Statements as extensions of Money Movement Workflows
Real-time views to Executive Dashboards for Cash Management, Balances & Positions.

Facilitate communication between all internal systems and legacy applications.
Consolidate multiple gateway, integration services and processing service with high efficient modules
Streamline compliance check, duplicate check, message validation rules etc
Identify and retire redundant services gradually as their roles become obsolete

Make on-boarding process fast, simple and attractive by offering try/buy to prospects.
Eliminate the need for expensive integration tools/services and consulting services
Accept requests and send responses in any format/protocol instantly.
Extent portals for customers to be able to track their own transactions thereby mitigating risk

Direct/Redirect specific messages from one entity to another as desired at real-time
Cut short the merging/split-off process to few weeks rather than few years
Make all actions forgivable by being able to re-play or reverse traffic/data movement
Make Merging process a pleasant exercise rather than a risky, expensive and long undertaking

SWIFT Service Bureau

Full integration for all SWIFT out-going and in-coming payment message types, their confirmation messages and cash statements. Manages all of the common workflows that are particular to SWIFT.

Exchange of messages and files between institutions via FIN, Interact and FileAct
UI for manual Entry/Validation/Approvals/Hold/Release of new messages
Prepare SWIFT instructions from any format (Excel, CSV, FEDWIRE, XML, Proprietary)
Send copies of messages to Applications, Printers, Emails, Fax, Files in any format
Compliance checks, OFAC, World-check, Exclusions and Filters
Message Repositories, Event Log, Audit Trails, Reports and Archives
Role based access for user groups, monitoring, administration & operations team
Yearly upgrade of SWIFT Message Standards
Redundant data center for resiliency
Access ECS network through Secure FTP, Websphere MQ or VPN
Client Portal to Search/View messages/transactions by State/Status
SWIFT Certified Engineers (Technical and Functional)

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